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Student studying

Exams and tests are tough for the one who takes and the one who gives. IQGE provides tools to ease up things on both ends.

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Student studying

Why chose IQGE

IQGE provides a platform for teachers to develop reusable exams and rapidly visualise the results, and we give open examinations for students to evaluate their knowledge.

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Many features to create interactive tests and ease to reuse


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Test your knowledge with hundreds of tests


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Words from our users

Ishan Mahajan

Ishan Mahajan


Our goal is to make life easier for our beloved teachers who work tirelessly to brighten their students' futures. It is difficult to obtain technical tools as an individual or as a small institute. We provide access to amazing tools the help teachers in their day to day tasks and students to easy test their knowledge.


Gaurav Sharma


I started using this platform about 3 months ago, and it has made my life a lot easier. While reusing questions to create new tests, I can easily assess my students and get a good overview of how they perform.

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