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General FAQs that will help you understand us!

What is this website for?

This website is a way to help our teachers by providing them some tools.That will help them during their routine tasks and lessen some burden with the help of technology.

What tools are available?

For the time being, we're working on a simple tool to help with the process of taking tests. We have planned a lot of other tools that teachers will find helpful.

What are the charges for using the tool?

For our first 100 teachers that signup as teachers. We'll make sure to make the whole package of tools that we develop free for life term. And for those who miss to signup early, we'll make sure that the tools are highly cost-effective since helping teachers will always be our primary motive.

Whom to contact in case I need help, or have some suggestion?

You can always mail us at [email protected] we'll make sure to respond as early as possible.